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Shoe Making History

With over 25 years in experience coming from Siberia, Yuiry created his buisness in the ever so chaotic city. Teahcing his son Igor, who took over the business working with the same values as his father had all these years. With thousands of people taking steps in this city, he and his son Igor are here to help you make your shoes better then new. They take care and pride in every detail with quick turnaround. Express Shoe Repair will continue to do great work and take the experience passed down from generation to generation. 

Totally exceeded my expectations - I had no idea my shoes could look that new again! Given a whole new life to them. Egor was lovely and I’m very excited to have a local cobbler now. Don’t buy a new pair - repair the old here!


After my foot became soaked in all the rain lately I realized my gorilla glue shoe repair failed miserably and I was in desperate need of a quick fix. Googled this place and stopped in with the intention of buying some proper shoe glue. The super nice guy behind the counter insisted I take my shoes off so he could fix them... which he did perfectly and refused to accept payment. I left a donation and am walking in the rain again today dry and happy.


Mr Yuriy is the best! I brought him two pairs of my boyfriend's shoes and three pairs of mine. I had been to him before to resole my louboutins. He continues to outdo himself in a timely manner and I will definitely be returning! Excellent quality every time.